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Stop trying to do everything yourself. It’s time to give your team the tools and systems needed to THRIVE (even when you’re not in the office).

Too many business owners are drowning in overwhelm trying to do everything themselves. We help provide them with the capabilities needed in order to simplify and streamline how they work.

How Much is the status quo really costing you?

If you’ve hit a growth ceiling and you can’t scale your business any further no matter how hard you push, it’s because you are doing too much.

Making the shift from "Operator" to "Owner" with the Perfect Week Method™

If 80-90% of the daily decisions and activities are still flowing through you, you don’t own a business. You own a job. Our goal is to help business owners flip this upside down so that nearly all of your time is spent either working ON the business…or doing the things that are truly important.

We do this by providing you with 3 simple, proven Capability Enablers™ that are specifically designed to help get the right people into the right seats, coupled with the right set of systems, tools and habits, so that YOU can quickly remove yourself from the day-to-day operations with confidence.

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About Tim
Who is Tim Yewchuk?

Host of the Simplify to multiply podcast, and founder of The Perfect Week Method™ – a proven system for business owners who wear too many hats.

With over 17 years of experience scaling businesses and teams across a diverse range of industries, from manufacturing to biotech and equipment service to software and 3D printing, Tim has a wealth of knowledge that gives his clients an edge over their competition.

As an entrepreneur himself, Tim understands the challenges of today’s fast-paced business environment, and his simple approach transforms slow-moving cultures into nimble, proactive growth machines while freeing up precious time. He has worked with leaders from top companies such as Toyota, Google, and Boeing, and his expertise translates to any industry.

When Tim isn’t helping others grow their businesses, he can be found running 4 different 7-8 figure companies remotely from his family home on Vancouver Island. His goal is to help business owners achieve both growth and profitability, without burning out or missing out on life.