Do you want to simplify and scale your business?

Tim Yewchuk

How I went from spinning my wheels for 70+ hours a week to running four 7-8 figure businesses businesses working just 5-10 hours a week from the comfort of my home.

My Story

Back in 2012, I was running a team of 50+ people building custom truck bodies for the oil field and was on the fast track to a fast track to burnout.

The business was becoming so complex that every minute wasted was costing us thousands of dollars. But instead of stepping back, I pushed.

Next thing I knew, I was working 70+ hours per week and watching every other area of my life deteriorate.

Something’s Gotta Give

I had no time to exercise. My health was at its all-time worst. But worst of all, my family was suffering because I was never home.

My worst nightmare was the next 18 years going by, and my kids looking back and saying:

“Dad was successful, but we never really got a chance to know him…”

This was the cold bucket of water I needed to drive me into action.

Stress to Success

As chance would have it, I got invited to a training event alongside some of the top business leaders in the world. We built a car using a new agile method and my world literally turned upside down.

I learned a ridiculously simple shortcut that enabled me to cut my workweek in half and create 12 self-managed teams within one month.

Fast Forward to Today

Now, I’m fortunate to be able to run four different multi-million dollar businesses working only 5-10 hours a week IN my business from my home office on Vancouver Island.

And when I’m not hanging with my wife and kids, the rest of my time is now spent helping other growth-minded business owners achieve similar results.

Years scaling teams & businesses
Entrepreneurs' lives changed
Hours saved

Why We Exist

Our Purpose

Running and growing a business is no small feat, and can often lead to overwhelm and burnout.

We exist to help business owners and their teams eliminate the complexity and chaos so that they can focus on what matters most while unlocking their true potential.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the #1 choice for businesses looking to maximize their growth and impact by leveraging the power of systems and teamwork.

Our values

Do less. Earn more.
Escape the Hamster Wheel

You too can scale your business by stepping aside and doing less.

Let me show you how and help implement this tried and tested method in your business.