Do you want to simplify and scale your business?

The Perfect Week Method™

How to Empower Your Teams, Systemize Your Business, and Ultimately Make the Shift From an “Operator” to an “Owner”.

You Can Step Aside and Watch Your Business Grow on Its Own, Whether You Come to the Office or Not

We’ll Take You by the Hand and Help You:

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The Goal

Making the shift from “Operator” to “Owner” by building out and empowering your dream team and systemizing yourself out of the daily operations.


Training + Systems & Templates + Coaching + Community & Hold-You-By-The-Hand Support designed to help match your specific style and pace of learning.

The Perfect Week Method™ is a roadmap made up of training, plug-and-play systems customized to your business, weekly coaching, and community. The program shows you how to transform your business into a well-oiled machine that runs on its own – with or without you.

Because The Perfect Week Method™ is an online course, you begin the moment you enroll. You are able to complete it on your time working as fast or as slow as you like because we give you lifetime access to the training.

The Perfect Week Method™ program is online and consists of training videos, tools, templates, live weekly Q&A calls, and a Facebook community. You complete it online, on your own time.

We created The Perfect Week™ because most business owners struggle with implementing the systems needed in order to build a business and teams that can run smoothly with or without them in the office.

The Perfect Week Method™ is for business owners and leaders who already have an established business making at least $30k per month but want to grow responsibly to the next level without having to put in 70-80 hour work weeks or sacrifice profitability.


Imagine a world where everyone came in each day knowing EXACTLY what to do (whether or not you were in the office). During this phase, we’ll be helping you set up an environment where you can begin quickly letting go with confidence.


With a truly stable business, you’re now able to actually handle more growth without things breaking down. During this phase, we’ll help you get a grip on your critical numbers and systems as we unlock your next phase of growth.


Of course, what’s the point in even achieving all this success if you’re not able to enjoy it? During this final phase, we’ll focus on getting you back to the things that are truly important (without having to wait until retirement).

What does the training look like?

Here’s a sample from the “Productivity” module within our training: